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Empower students, lecturers and instructors to benefit from a world class standard: sports coaching, performance analysis, kinesiology, biomechanics, gait analysis, physical education, physical therapy.
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Students' assignments are published on a shared and secured platform. Apps and desktop software seamlessly synchronize video, match analysis and statistical data.

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Your teaching and learning video-based workflow approved by hundreds of universities and secured by 15+ years of Research & Development.

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Case Studies

Physical Education

SEE. LEARN. SUCCEED. Integrating Dartfish technology in PE enhances learning with students engaged as empowered self-evaluators. Research shows that learning and retention of motor skills is reinforced by the quantity/quality of visual feedback, during and after motor skill execution, helping students develop and refine motor skills. Students improved in concrete ways when their performance was broken down into key positions, enhanced with drawing tools, text, and audio comments, showing how to properly execute a skill or movement. Students learn best when they see themselves in action, confirmed by PE teachers in the field, using Dartfish instant feedback tools, allowing immediate adjustment to skill execution. PE teachers can save video clips for future analysis or as video learning tools illustrating key skill positions for PE instruction. Integrating Dartfish video analysis into the daily routine of teaching PE provides an unmatched interactive learning experience with tangible results.

University Setting

Communicate. Improve. Empower. PE Departments and PE Teacher Education Programs use Dartfish technologies for PE certification and to qualify teacher candidates for the teaching profession. Physical Education majors learn how to use Dartfish to maximize student performance, for corrective feedback in skill development, and for learning the fundamental principles of teaching/coaching. Research shows that self-analysis of teaching improves performance and confidence. Using Dartfish brings PETE students face-to-face with their performance. In the words of a PETE student, “I feel there is no better way to improve your teaching methods than to watch yourself. Dartfish really enhanced and benefited my learning of how to teach PE, much more than typical pen and paper feedback.”

PE and Dartfish TV

Remote PE teaching becomes a reality when dartfish.tv teams with our software and apps. Students can access their private video collections 24/7 to exchange comments with their PE instructor. With development of motor skill instructional video libraries, students and PE teachers in a building or across a district can access collections for standardization of best practices, assessment, and continuity of curricula. PETE students located at different schools in outlying locations can be monitored remotely by university evaluators, reducing travel time and school site visits. More gets done with less cost using dartfish.tv.

Case Study

You can create, collaborate, and share enriched video content around the globe. Whether it’s sharing information, processes, training, methodologies, or ideas and strategies, your participants can interact with the content, via access rights you determine. When video is interpreted and enhanced for your audience, it becomes a powerful tool for sharing, training, and educating.

Case Study

Dartfish qualitative and quantitative movement analysis technology is a cost and time effective way to provide a micro-level view of biomechanical motion technology: in biomechanics labs with force plate integration; in clinics for screening to evaluate mechanical deviations to prevent injury; during rehabilitation to not only diagnose and treat movement dysfunction, but to recommend proper exercises with evidenced progression for return to activity that is age/developmentally appropriate; in training and coaching to finely tune motion, optimizing athletic performance; to teach corrective exercises/drills to improve joint and muscular motion; for analysis of sprinting/running/gait mechanics to detect miniscule deficits and zero in on biomechanical abnormalities; in bike fitting to fine-tune and optimize biomechanics, position, and power output.

University Setting

Dartfish offers solutions for the classroom, lab, research, internships, practicums and clinics - opportunities to analyze all types of movement - sport skills performance, training procedures, gait analysis and rehab protocols, as well as projectile motion, and vector resolution. Dartfish video technology brings to life biomechanical movement concepts for improved comprehension and career application. Dynamic Biomechanics, the first of its kind e-text embedded with video and teamed with Dartfish technology, provides hands on learning to help students understand and apply biomechanical movement principles. Using Dartfish cutting edge technology, students view, manipulate, and analyze movement and performance, creating an authentic learning experience to best prepare for success in the classroom and beyond.

Case Study

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