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Today, our technologies and know-how are widely recognized for exclusive televised broadcast footage and breakthrough training applications for sports, education, healthcare and more.


In 1997, after extensive research in image and video processing, SimulCam™ technology was created and developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Subsequent to enthusiastic response from TV producers and sports viewers alike, five international business and IT specialists founded Dartfish (then known as InMotion Technologies Ltd.) in December 1998 to commercially develop SimulCam™ and other digital imaging applications.

The small start-up quickly grew and became well known for its innovative digital image enhancements in the sports broadcast world. SimulCam™ technology was followed by StroMotion™, which was launched in January 2001.

History (suite)

Based on its technological know-how, Dartfish soon branched out into other growth areas such as interactive internet content enhancements and the development of cutting-edge sport training applications. Today, our technologies and know-how are widely recognized for exclusive televised broadcast footage and breakthrough training applications for sports, education, healthcare and more.

Dartfish employs more than 50 people with headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland, and offices in Atlanta, USA, Sophia-Antipolis, France, Sydney, Australia, Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, Korea.


January 1999

VideoFinish™ (now known as SimulCam™) world premier during the World Skiing Championships, Wengen, Switzerland, and Vail, USA.

February 1999

Strategic alliance established with the Swiss National Television, SRG SSR.

August 1999
SimulCam™ broadcast debuts in athletics at the World Athletics Championships in Seville.

September 1999
InMotion Technologies is the only Swiss company announced as a winner of the 1999 European IST Prize – a prestigious award granted to Europe's top IT innovators.

October 1999

The SimulCam™ Trainer (today known as the Dartfish software) is launched. Head offices move to Fribourg to accommodate the ever-growing company.

November 1999
A strategic alliance is announced with Compaq to provide a variety of new media internet applications for online sports entertainment.

January 2000
The real-time version of SimulCam™ Broadcast is launched and used by the Swiss national broadcaster, SRG SSR, at the Skiing World Cup Down Hill Races in Wengen. In conjunction with the event, an interactive SimulCam™ skiing internet site is developed by InMotion for DSFR Swiss television.

April 2000
SimulCam™ is nominated by NBC in the Innovative Technical Achievement category for the Emmy awards. July 2000 Partnership with NBC Quokka Ventures for the Sydney Olympics 2000 is announced.

September 2000
Partnership with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to develop and implement video training solutions for their member associations.

October 2000
Second round of funding is closed with investment received from Intel Capital, Nomura and Venture Partners.

January 2001
StroMotion™ is successfully launched during the live broadcast of the Figure Skating US Championships in Boston in conjunction with ESPN and ABC.

February 2001
USA office opens in Atlanta, Georgia. April 2001 InMotion Technologies becomes Dartfish.

August 2001 – December 2001
Dartfish enters into strategic partnerships with several North American sports organizations such as Softball Canada, USA Bowling, USA Gymnastics, USA Luge, and USA Volleyball.

November 2001
SimulCam™ awarded U.S. Patent. Dartfish Korea offices open in Seoul.

February 2002
Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah – SimulCam™ images for all Alpine Skiing events for NBC, TSR, ARD and ZDF, ORF, NOTV, Televisa and EuroSport.

June 2002
Dartfish Korea creates StroMotion™ images during the FIFA World Cup for the Asian broadcast media and press.

July 2002
New round of private financing complete: CIMA Corporate Investment and Management Affentranger Holding SA, Venture Partners, Initiative Capital (BCV), INTEL Capital and Nomura International.

February 2003
SimulCam™ enhancements for several international broadcasters during the Alpine Ski World Championships held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Television premier of 3D Visualization technology.

December 2003
Dartfish enters a distribution agreement in Japan. Dartfish Japan is created.

January 2004
Dartfish enters a distribution agreement for South America. Dartfish South America is created in Chile.

June 2004
Dartfish launches new effects for broadcast. Fox TV buys the new "ball tail effect" that enables spectators to see the different throws made by the pitchers (StroMotion™ effect on the ball).

August 2004
Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Not only are the SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ effects used by various broadcasters such as NBC, Eurosport, ARD/ZDF, etc, but the Sports Analysis software for coaches and athletes is also now widely used. Dartfish makes excellent press and many athletes using the software all year long win medals. An estimated 30% of all athletes use Dartfish software to work-out.

September 2004
In only three years Dartfish launches its third version (3.0) of Dartfish software. Dartfish now counts 7,000 users worldwide.

November 2004
A new subsidiary is created for the distribution of Dartfish software in France.

January – February 2005
From 28th January to the 13th February, 2005, SimulCam™ & StroMotion™ pictures were broadcasted from the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Bormio, Italy.

March 2005

First Dartfish software sold in China to Chinese Olympic Team.

April 2005

Dartfish enters agreement with the Taekwondo World Federation to equip all national teams with Dartfish TeamPro software.

May 2005
Dartfish StroMotion™ takes home the Emmy for The George Wensel Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement Award. Dartfish is the official Golf Video Analysis Software system at St-Andrews Links. TWI, the television division of IMG, and Dartfish join forces to expand the uses of SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ technologies for sports and entertainment broadcasts on television and the internet.

June 2005
Dartfish launches version 4.0 of its software in several languages with a new multi-user license system edition. Dartfish now counts more than 10,000 users worldwide.

November 2005
Dartfish TeamPro is shortlisted as exemplar product in the "Secondary Software, content and Tools" category for the BETT Awards 2006. The first Dartfish Academy opens. The Hayesbrook School, as well as two affiliated schools, has been nominated the Official Dartfish Academy, in order to continue to develop the expertise of using Dartfish across the curriculum.

February 2006
Dartfish users won 138 medals at the Torino Olympic Games 2006 in various events. Nearly 60% of all Olympic contenders used Dartfish in 2006! In addition to various athletes using Dartfish software in their preparation for the Games, Dartfish's SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ technologies were featured by many television stations covering the Olympics, including BBC, NBC, CBC, ARD, ZDF, ORF and SSR-SRG. Dartfish was present in Torino to prepare the images created with DartStudio™, to be used during and after the broadcasts of various sports including skiing, snowboarding and figure skating.

March to April 2006
Dartfish partners with the English Institute of Sports, UK, for performance analysis and staff training, and with Boson, the Swedish National Sports Complex to be used for scientific sport studies for athletes and coaches in all sports venues in Sweden.

May 2006
The foundation for a complete collaboration between the Hesse Cultural Ministry and Dartfish Germany, started on May 8, 2006 – equipping 37 schools with the latest Dartfish software for movement analysis with a focus on gifted athletes in sports colleges.

July 2006
Dartfish launches its new website with emphasis on customer feedback, as well as the development of new fields of application creating a total video solution.

August 2006
Dartfish signs a partnership with the Little Dream Foundation of Switzerland.

October 2006
Another Dartfish subsidiary is created in the UK, overseeing the logistics and distribution for the UK market.

November 2006
  • Dartfish collaborates with the Presbyterian Ladies' College in Australia to supply 400 copies of the Dartfish Classroom Version, the largest worldwide video analysis software rollout to date.
  • A new partnership is forged with the Swedish Olympic Committee to provide Swedish Olympic athletes with the Dartfish advantage for training, coaching, and analyzing elite athletes for Olympic competition.
  • Dartfish Korea wins the Korean Culture and Sports Ministry organized competition for identifying innovative, high-value added sports service businesses with its proposal, Customized Online Prescription of Physiotherapy.

December 2006

Dartfish is selected by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, USA, as an official video analysis software supplier for its association.

April 2007
  • Victor Bergonzoli is appointed the new CEO of Dartfish. One of the founders of the company, Bergonzoli is also the President of Dartfish Inc. USA.
  • Dartfish launches its Version4.5 and the Dartfish Connect Plus, a newly streamlined tagging solution. Both are compatible with Microsoft Vista.
  • Dartfish Deutschland GmbH comes into being. The newly founded company is in charge of developing the German and Austrian markets.

Milestones (suite)

May 2007
Dartfish signs a partnership with the World Taekwondo Federation, providing the WTF with an interactive video content platform.

June 2007
Dartfish enters distribution agreements for Russia (Moscow) and the Czech Republic (Prague).

September 2007
Dartfish signs a partnership with the European Taekwondo Federation, providing the ETU with an interactive video content platform.

December 2007

Dartfish has successfully raised its capital by CHF 4,200,000 through a recent financing round comprised of the issuance of new shares from existing and new Swiss-based investors and a loan conversion. 2007 will be another strong year of growth for Dartfish in each of its three business lines of Broadcasting, Software and Services, with a year-end turnover of CHF 10 mio. Swiss francs.

January 2008
Dartfish launch begins with the World Taekwondo Federation and Taekwondo Web TV.

February 2008
Dartfish partners with the "Ligue National de Handball", providing 14 D1 teams with a video exchange content platform.

March 2008

Dartfish covers the Super World Cup Paris Tournament for the French Judo Federation with an interactive video platform.

April 2008
Dartfish launches its new content platform DartfishMoves.com enabling creation, enhancement, viewing, distribution and monetization of video content.

August 2008
During the Beijing 2008 Olympics, six media companies are using Dartfish for broadcasting and internet publishing. Two televisions are using a full Dartfish service including operators - NBC (USA) and Televisa (Mexico); whereas four others are leasing Dartfish product DartStudio: CBC (Canada), Canal+ (France), SVT (Sweden) and BBC (UK). All systems function in high definition.

The New York Times is also using Dartfish to generate StroMotion images in order to summarize in one single picture the different phases of an athletic movement.

September 2008
Dartfish launches dartfish.tv, the new video casting solution. This online platform rounds off the most efficient process in filming, editing and publishing videos. This powerful video casting solution empowers our customers to produce and share quality videos: better, faster and more successfully than ever before.

January 2009

Dartfish launches version 5.0. It offers the latest standards of HD video technology and imaging devices, taking video-casting to a whole new dimension on www.dartfish.tv.

February 2009
From February 2-15, 2009, SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ photos were broadcast from the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Val D’Isère, France.

May 2009
Dartfish enters a distribution agreement for Brazil (São Paulo).

September 2009
Dartfish launches version 5.5. It enhances publishing to dartfish.tv, offers new video clip creation features and supports new video formats and technical enhancements. Dartfish continues to add to its support for video file formats created by the latest video devices (e.g. MPEG2 and MPEG4 used by devices such as mobile phones, solid state camcorders and still cameras).

January 2010
Dartfish enters a distribution agreement for Greece (Athens).

February 2010
Dartfish users won 162 medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games in various events. It represents nearly 62% of the overall medal total! Athletes used Dartfish in their training routines long before arriving at the Winter Games to analyze their performances and correct mistakes, to evaluate their opponents‘ performances and to increase their chances of taking home the coveted medals.
Once again, the Dartfish unique SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ features were used during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Games by broadcasters around the globe to enhance production and create stunning analyses for the worldwide viewing public.

June 2010
The free “Dartfish Player 1.1” has evolved to include more adding and uploading options. This innovative feature opens up the Dartfish Player to new uses, especially video publishing is now available to non-Dartfish software users as they can also upload video for online analysis. It is an opportunity for non-experts (eg. an athlete) to publish video for analysis by experts (eg. a coach). It is the birth of dartfish.tv remote-coaching.

November 2010
Dartfish Russia becomes a partner of the Russian Ski Association. During the October 20th press-conference organized by the Russian Ski Association (www.rsaski.ru). At this conference a new website of the RSA was presented to the journalists.   

January 2011

Dartfish covers the 5th Commonwealth Taekwondo Championship in Chennai (India) for the India Taekwondo Federation by uploading the competition on the www.dartfish.tv  interactive video platform, as well as assuming the video replay of the event for the referees.

February 2011
From the 7th to 20th of February 2011, SimulCam™ & StroMotion™ pictures were broadcasted from the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

March 2011
Dartfish launches a new version of its www.dartfish.tv content platform enabling navigation by events or segments, online tagging, as well as strengthen the “sharing” functionalities and improving substantially the platform usability.

July 2011
Dartfish releases EasyTag for iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices, as well as an app to read enriched content on www.dartfish.tv for the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) channel on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android).

September 2011
Dartfish launches version 6.0. Based on new video technologies it improves among other video file import and trimming, tagging interface and functionalities (easier and quicker synchronization with EasyTag). It also integrates new encoding profiles (e.g. H.264, …) to create video for mobile devices, as well as a better Customer Care and Support access for the users.

December 2011
Dartfish enters into distribution agreements with Egypt (Alexandria) and Nigeria (Lagos).

February 2012
Dartfish 6.0 software adapts in a big way, supporting the latest cameras and video formats, such as AVCHD cameras, and the MPEG-4 video format.  Publication to mobile devices is fully integrated in the 6.0 version, bringing better quality and versatility to video analysis by developing ‘ready to be viewed’ video on tablets, and mobile devices. This includes the ability to upload video to the new dartfish.tv  with encoding profiles such as html5.

April 2012
The dartfish.tv major release brings a new user friendly admin section. Sharing content becomes easier and quicker with new features, which enhance and simplify the channel viewing experience

July 2012
At the London 2012 Summer Games Dartfish users worldwide top out earning over 400 medals!  Dartfish is used to analyze performance by Olympic teams and for judging events at the Games, by athletes and coaches training for the Games, and for stunning imagery broadcast of the Games by networks around the globe. Indeed, six TV channels use the Dartfish broadcast product, DartStudio, to enhance their coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ exclusive Dartfish technologies give broadcasters the opportunity to create unique analysis for their audiences in a wide range of sport venues.

October 2012

Dartfish launches its new app “Dartfish Express” for content creation and community building. Users can get their message across with video enhanced with still shots, drawings, and comments, either on-the-spot or using dartfish.tv.

February 2013
SimulCam™ & StroMotion™ pictures from the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Schladming, Austria are broadcast.

April 2013
Dartfish improves its online services product range by enabling Dartfish Express users to create their own free dartfish.tv channel for content sharing and community building. Videos can also be downloaded from the channel to Dartfish software for advanced analysis.

June 2013

Dartfish launches version 7 of its software. It supports network cameras compliant with the ONVIF standard and new converters. Dartfish 7 users can now also create free channels so dartfish.tv is now available to all users of both software and Express. Dartfish now counts more than 120,000 users worldwide.

August 2013
Dartfish Express wins Tabby Award in Sport & Fitness category. In association with the Application Developers Alliance, a panel of 17 tablet professionals selected 24 iPad and Android apps from a field of 60 finalists. Dartfish Express was selected the best app in Sport and Fitness.

February 2014
More than 68% of the Olympic Medals Awarded at Sochi 2014 were won by Dartfish Users.
Once again, the Dartfish unique SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ features were used during the 2014 Sochi Olympics Games by broadcasters around the globe to enhance production and create stunning analyses for the worldwide viewing public.


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