Sports Shops

Dartfish is the ultimate running gait video analysis technology that helps your customers find the correct shoes for their feet.

Dartfish also offers your business cutting-edge visual technology in order to increase quality of services and sales.


Use video imaging to reinforce communication with your clients. Integrate video into your daily sales process to easily find the correct shoes for your customers’ feet. Give them a real understanding of their gait and show them the improvements, thanks to the selection of the proper shoes.


Make gait analysis powerful and objective. Highlight certain aspects of the customer's gait by selecting key moments on the video, comparing them with other situations (with new/old or without shoes).

Sell and Share

Add value to your sales' process, while making it more efficient. Reduce the sales' time with clients, as they understand more quickly, which is the right shoe for them. Improve the fun element and added value by using video. Provide your customers with a CD of their gait analysis to motivate them to come again.


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