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02 August 2011

Dartfish Releases EasyTag for iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices

With Dartfish EasyTag, sports enthusiasts can now mark game highlights on mobile devices during live events

Dartfish today released Dartfish EasyTag for mobile devices, an innovative tool that enables coaches, players and fans to create their own video highlights during a game or performance. A free app available on the Apple App store and Android Marketplace, Dartfish EasyTag enables sports enthusiasts to mark interesting events live during a game, quickly synchronize them for review and create statistical reports based on trends. As a result, users can record game highlights with a quick tap on the screen, automatically create video game highlights with tagged events and save precious time after games, matches or events.

With Dartfish EasyTag for mobile devices, users can:
  •     Take e-notes live while staying focused on the game.
  •     Refer to e-notes while on the move anytime and anywhere.
  •     Customize their tagging panels and projects.
  •    Select fixed, user-defined or open duration periods to time-stamp key moments in a game.
  •     Merge data with offline video for quick review.
  •     Share logging panels at the push of a button.

While it is easy to film and capture game highlights, it is not as easy to keep track of the key moments,” said Victor Bergonzoli, Dartfish’s chief executive officer. “Usually, sports enthusiasts end up with rolls of films that never get looked at. With Dartfish EasyTag, users can easily create relevant content during a game and share it easily with their friends and networks using our complete solution with Dartfish TV.