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01 September 2011

The WTF Taekwondo TV iPhone and iPad application launches to the millions of Taekwondo Fans Worldwide

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) launched WTF Taekwondo TV’s application for iPhone and iPad on August 26, 2011 in order to bring the dynamic taekwondo world more closely to its taekwondo fans. 

This application provides the fastest and easiest way to access to the WTF official Web TV which currently shows more than 8000 matches of 30 top-rated international taekwondo competitions. New videos will continue to be added shortly following each new international taekwondo competition.

The application is well equipped with most of the main features of the WTF Web TV channel ( to maximize the user’s WTF TV experience including; catalogued videos, easy navigation, tagging of key moments, rating and commenting. These features enable users to easily locate videos that they want and find key moments (e.g. scoring, warning) immediately without having to go through an entire video.

This is a significant step jointly taken by the WTF and its new media partner Dartfish, specialized in video analysis and new media platform to reach out to the taekwondo audience and provide them fast and easy access to top-rated international taekwondo matches.

Click here and download the new WTF Web TV application!