Sports Enhancements

Dartfish is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the field of sport broadcast enhancements.

Dartfish is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the field of sport broadcast enhancements. Dartfish has brought to the broadcast community stunning special effects namely SimulCam™ and StroMotion™. Those technologies are patented worldwide and are therefore exclusively available in Dartfish products or through servicing delivered by Dartfish or licensed partners.


This unique patented video technology superimposes one athletic movement over another for precise comparisons.
SimulCam™ is based on the idea that whenever two athletes are competing at different times, but over the same terrain, their filmed performances can be composited into a single video showing both competitors seemingly competing together. To create SimulCam™ pictures, DartStudio™ computes and compensates automatically the differences in camera angle (pan, tilt, zoom) between the two recorded performances and blend the two performances creating a new high quality video.

SimulCam™ pictures show at each instant, the relative position, speed and posture of the two competitors on a single display support. SimulCam™ pictures allow unparalleled in-depth comparison and analysis. It contrasts and compares the position, style and trajectory of competitors. It illustrates what one 10th of a second’s difference can mean in competition. Its added value for television retransmission of sport events has been acclaimed by experts in a large set of sports ranging from technical disciplines for style comparison to pure speed sports for time difference visualization.


StroMotion™ creates stunning trajectory video footage revealing the evolution of an athlete's movement, technique, execution and tactics.
StroMotion™ reveals the evolution of an athlete’s movement, technique, execution and tactics over space and time in an immediate, intuitive fashion. An athletic movement is unfold in time and space by compounding video images into a frame-by-frame sequence. The StroMotion™ concept is based on stroboscoping, a means to analyze rapid movement so that a moving object is perceived as a series of static images along the object’s trajectory.

The StroMotion™ not only helps revealing the evolution of an athlete’s movement, technique and execution, it also reveals key positions in tactical plays and highlights the trajectory of moving objects such as balls. As SimulCam™, StroMotion™ has proven to be a very valuable sport image enhancement effects in a very large set of sports be it individual technical disciplines or team sports.

Different rendering modalities allow StroMotion™ video sequences to be displayed either in a manner that scrolls over a complete panoramic image or in an animated version where the spectator sees the movement unfold in the original video footage.