Improve communication with athletes by bringing them face-to-face with their own performances.
  • Easily integrate video during training and give athletes instant visual feedback.
  • Make it easier for them to understand the corrections and adjustments they need to make according to your comments.
  • Improve and accelerate their learning process.


Use your expertise to enhance video images thanks to powerful analysis tools.
  • Highlight techniques and movements by selecting key moments on the video.
  • Compare them with reference clips. Use exclusive drawing and measurement tools.
  • Categorize your videos with personal attributes and create an index of events (e.g. serve, set, point).
  • Easily retrieve specific actions from the index you created and make tactical and statistical analyses.


Make video content available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Distribute your videos, analyses and multimedia presentations to athletes and staff on CD, DVD or by email.
  • Create an online community and give video access to everyone in your organization via the Dartfish web platform.


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All Sports US (pdf, 610 Kb)
Individual Sports (pdf, 1579 Kb)
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