Dartfish integrates software and online tools to deliver a flexible, efficient and comprehensive match analysis system:
  • Dartfish TeamPro and Connect Plus video analysis software
  • Dartfish EasyTag app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Dartfish.tv online video platform
Yves Depallens

The Dartfish Tagging solution makes it easy to find, review and analyse key sequences/moments in a game. These are marked using descriptive ‘tags’ which can be integrated from any number of contributing coaches/analysts using the most appropriate tool for their role: Dartfish software for in-depth description, or EasyTag for simple hand-held tagging. Tags can even be imported from other software or added from dartfish.tv. This solution is flexible and for any sport, letting you decide what to tag and how it is best described.


Tag Events Live with Dartfish EasyTag

Dartfish EasyTag works either stand-alone or integrated with Dartfish software to record and timestamp information during a game or activity. It delivers instant statistics and allows you to save considerable time in post-match analysis.

IT’S CONVENIENT: Take e-notes and stay focused on the game.
IT’S MOBILE: Have your e-notes with you at all times.
IT’S SMART: Synchronise data to video and save time in post analysis.

For more information on EasyTag go to: www.dartfish.com/easytag
Yves Depallens


The archiving and reporting system on our dartfish.tv video platform enables your team to:
  • quickly navigate into the video content and into your video library
  • edit your playlists with the key sequences or key videos by using a filtering system
  • visually demonstrate strategical and tactical points
  • share with players, coaches or any other audience by using the access control system
Yves Depallens

Within minutes after any game, players and coaches will be able to watch these important moments on a computer, smart phone or tablet.

For more information on dartfish.tv go to: www.dartfish.tv
Yves Depallens

Flash demo

Click here to view the demo.


All Sports US (pdf, 610 Kb)
Team Sports (pdf, 2229 Kb)
System requirements (pdf, 390 Kb)

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