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Join us for a 30-minute "live" webinar presentation showing the application of Dartfish solutions for your sport and we will quickly show you our powerful and easy-to-use workflow.

Discover Dartfish Features

Discover a New Dimension in Video Casting!
Dartfish Video Software Solutions now offers
one-step publishing to the web via
  • Film to your computer
  • Author and Analyze
  • Publish Online to your channel offers you the ability to
  • Attract new clientele
  • Save Time and Efficiency
  • Generate Revenue by Charging for Exclusive Access

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Impact the Outcome of your Baseball Season using Video.
Fred Corral, the Associate Head Baseball Coach at the University of Memphis, shares how he uses Dartfish to enhance his coaching at Memphis University.

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Dartfish Use in PE

This seminar will demonstrate how PE teachers can integrate digital video in their lesson.
See how you can raise standards and impact your pupils using what has become the standard for ICT use in PE. Follow a 30 minute seminar to discover what value Dartfish can bring to your program:
  • Improve learning and assessment with real time video feedback
  • Provide independent learning activities
  • Use your time more effectively to reach all students
  • Get students engaged using self-created, personal video images
Yves Depallens

Gait Analysis

Paul Langer, DPM, author of Great Feet for Life, shares his experience of educating athletes through gait analysis utilizing visual feedback. Colleague, Dr. Chris Leisz, gives insight into the patient validation gained through visual feedback. Learn both evaluation and treatment from the perspective of a Podiatrist, Physiatrist and Physical Therapist.

In this webinar, learn how to use Dartfish to capture and assess movement patterns with frame by frame playback and measuring tools. Find out how to incorporate this workflow into your practice.

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Yves Depallens


Visualize the Win in Lacrosse
How are you developing your players? How are you coaching the video generation?

See the latest tools and options to propel your lacrosse team to success – the kind of success Coach Stuart has experienced in her program! 
Coach Susan Stuart of Colorado College in Colorado Springs will be the featured speaker on this recorded webinar exploring use of Dartfish in coaching lacrosse. 

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Yves Depallens


Visualize the Win in Rugby
How are you developing your rugby players? Are you using the right coaching tools to improve player performance and for stat analysis?

Maximize your coaching and impact the outcome of your rugby season, by attending a recorded webinar on how to capture and analyze your players and games.

Learn from renowned South African rugby player, Braam Van Straten, the featured speaker on this webinar.

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Yves Depallens


Maximize your coaching and impact the outcome of your soccer season
Learn how to tag your soccer matches, along with other Dartfish digital analysis tools, because as a coach you know there is a difference between perception and reality.

View this recorded webinar at a time that works best for you, featuring Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Jeff Pill, who shares how he uses Dartfish to enhance his soccer coaching at Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, WI.
Yves Depallens


Impact the Outcome of your Softball Season using Video
Learn from Melyssa Lombardi, Associate Head Coach at the University of Oklahoma.

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Yves Depallens

STEP - Remote Video Teacher Evaluation

A remote video evaluation program for teachers. When they see it, they get it! 

Dartfish offers the only remote video evaluation program that brings potential or existing teachers face to face with their performance!  Research shows that self analysis of teaching improves teaching performance and confidence.

Take ten minutes and learn how to use video to evaluate teaching sessions remotely.
This FREE session will explain how a simple point and click system provides:
  • Cost reduction with less travel time/reimbursement to university evaluators.  Reduce the number of evaluators with remote evaluation, so more can be done by less with reduced time/cost.
  • Self-evaluation with customized university rubrics of teaching behavior.
  • Recorded, evaluated, documented progress over time, both written and visual.
  • On-line collaboration tools so evaluators and professors can review teaching session and self analysis with student
  • Video e-portfolios for teacher candidates to use for career pursuits and to fulfill College of Education or State Department of Education requirements.
  • “Seeing”  the teacher more frequently, so authentic teaching  is observed, rather than polished performances for expected visits 
  • A Best Practices Library
This webinar has been Pre-Recorded for your viewing convenience.
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In (30) minutes Dartfish will show you why we are the choice of many elite programs, including the USPTA, USTA Player Development, Vic Braden Tennis College, Roddick Total Tennis, and at colleges, academies and clubs like yours.
This webinar will show you how to:
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to review key points within a match.
  • Give players instant feedback for quicker improvement.
  • Generate off-court revenue.
  • Create and sell your own stroke and strategy CDs.
Yves Depallens

Video Analysis for Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Attend this FREE (30) minute seminar and see first hand how Dartfish enables you to quickly and affordably incorporate video analysis into a Physical Therapy, Athletic Training or Sports Medicine practice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see how the Dartfish toolset will:
  • Analyze and explain movement
  • Enhance the quality of patient care
  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Increase referrals
  • Allow you to share video analyses with patients and colleagues
We will cover how to implement the software in the clinical setting (HS, University, Clinic, etc.); identify muscle imbalances that can lead to overuse injuries; assess AT skills (students and staff) and show you how to create new reimbursement revenue.

Yves Depallens


Visualize the Win in Volleyball
How are you developing your volleyball players? Are you using the right coaching tools to improve player performance?

Learn from guest speakers, Coach John Critzer, and Coach Jim Stone, current USA Youth National Coach and former Ohio State Coach, who use Dartfish video technology to improve player performance.

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Yves Depallens