Powering Collaboration

A central place for everyone's work, plus added team and admin features to get more done efficiently with video within your organization.


Dartfish.tv benefits for your organization

Everything in one place

The central place for everyone's work. All the relevant videos, analyses and notebooks, stored online, easily accessed.


Using video at the team level is collaborative work. Use Dartfish apps to capture, analyze and contribute to building an online library.

Organization administration

One simple interface that makes it easy to manage your channel members and provide access rights and roles.

Unleash the power of your videos

As a source of inspiration

Offer your collaborators access to your dartfish.tv channel resources - right inside their apps.

To reach your audience

Get closer to your audience and communicate through YOUR branded app.

To make revenue

Pick the videos you want to sell, price your collections, and keep 70% of the markup.

Provide the workspace your collaborators need

Because there are different roles within an organization, we designed workspaces to fit each one.


myDartfish includes all the apps and services needed to analyze skills and games across desktop and mobile devices.

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Dartfish Software

Take your video analysis to the next level with desktop Dartfish Professional Software

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