The Video Solution Designed for Biomechanical Analysis of Athletic Performance

Optimize your athlete’s performance with two-dimensional video analysis.

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Enhance your analysis.

Identify, highlight and correct technical moves by means of intuitive tools for analysing movement.

  • Split screen
  • Slow motion
  • Drawings and measurements of angle and distances

Coach effectively.

Discuss their performance with your athlete during and after training, even remotely.

  • Retrieve your analyses wherever you are by means of the Smart Cloud web platform
  • Share the points for improvement with your athlete so that they can put them into practice
  • Visualise and display the results of your work on whatever device you are using
Coach effectively.
Focus on your coaching.

Focus on your coaching.

Save time by using a reliable and intuitive solution.

  • Synchronisation between your devices
  • Your analyses automatically saved

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