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with a new value added tool to improve coaching performance.

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Immediate Feedback

Develop immediate and clearly understood video feedback

  • Help your clients recognize their weaknesses with immediately evidenced visual feedback.
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Customize each client's video analysis

Provide best practices for proper exercise execution, thanks to tailor-made video analysis for each client.

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Split-screen Comparison

Analyze the same performance from different angles or compare the performance of two different athletes.

Slow motion video playback

Better identify biomechanical problems and avoid injuries with slow motion video playback.


Convey ideas or messages in a clear, easy and descriptive way.


Measure the movement amplitude, velocity and distance.

Track progress visually with personalized follow-up for each client

Keep in touch by visually charting each client's progress with a cutting-edge video archive and sharing tool.

Realize client loyalty now!

Create your own Exercise library with mouvements, exercices, FMS,…

Archive and show the Before-and-After customer’ progress

Coach your client, remotely

Analyze, Share, Monitor with expert coaching to grow your business

Get faster results

Reduce injuries

Gain efficiency

Improve communication

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