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Live-and-Post Game Tagging.

Live-and-Post Game Tagging.

  • Tag, review and edit actions in real-time while continuing to record.

Reports creation.

  • Visualize instantly key actions you identified.
  • Immediately develop a strategy to be more competitive. Use your data to improve preparation, work on weaknesses, define future game strategy and create statistics.
  • Export data easily and create interactive reports for best results.
Reports creation.
Highlights generation.

Highlights generation.

  • Keep the key actions that matter out of a full game.
  • Share quickly with others to focus on only what is important.

Ready for Presentation.

  • Create a presentation for team review.
  • Underline what the action reveals.
  • Illustrate exactly what athletes need to improve with powerful tools like frame by frame playback, slow motion, drawings, instant replay.
Ready for Presentation.
Multiple sources and 4K powerful.

Multiple sources and 4K powerful.

  • Capture live from IP, Web cameras and HD Camcorders using conversion devices like AverMedia and Black Magic H264 Pro Recorder and works with many different video file formats.
  • Capture of content from several video sources like Dartfish TV and storage devices.
  • Compatible with many video formats.

Side-by-Side Comparison.

  • Compare two videos frame-by-frame, side by side, to improve your movements, skills and technics.
Side-by-Side Comparison.

Recommended for Team Sports & Dual Sports

  • USTA
  • FFH
  • SIHF
  • EIOS
  • USA Fencing
  • FC Basel
  • USA Team Handball
  • United World Wrestling
  • International Judo federation

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