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Video Replay

Technology in Sports to Support Evidenced Objective Judgments and Fact-based Decision-making.

Support fairness, with a Video Replay (VAR) solution for job performance by your officials that exhibits objectivity, precision and speed.


VideoReplay (VAR) for combat sports and other sports

Dedicated to tournament organizers, coaches and federations eager to support fairness in their sporting activity.

A laptop, the Dartfish VideoReplay (VAR) software and you are all set for the analysis of up to 4 video feeds. Our solution is compatible with TV feeds as well as feeds coming from IP cameras placed around the stadium.

Dartfish VideoReplay is fully functional with or without broadcasters feeds.

Contact us for a test of our system in your federation / league.


Position up to 4 cameras around the play game, connect them to the switch, connect the switch to the computer, launch the software, and the Dartfish Video Replay solution is ready to go!

Simple yet powerful

Operation of the system is simple and straight forward to guarantee fast onboarding of operators.

Officials can quickly focus on replaying key moments and focusing on what matters: taking the right decisions.

Up to 4 angles

Dartfish Video Replay software manages up to 4 feeds providing 4 different angles in real time.

Officials can review the 4 feeds simultaneously or can easily switch with the press of a button for a zoom on any feed!


Dartfish Video Replay is fully scalable, from 1 to 4 cameras and can be operated independently from any existing infrastructure. The solution can also connect to an existing network of built-in IP cameras.

Value your images

With Dartfish Video Replay, camera feeds can be shared with coaches, athletes and fans, either during or after the event using Dartfish TV. Shared video can be used for official training, performance analysis, fan engagement or archiving.

Dartfish Video Replay can include external data such as scores, for example, in the video feed. It is also designed to select and export video highlights for publication. Fast, easy and ideal for fan engagement and promotion of your sport!