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Dartfish provides individualized opportunities with authentic visual learning tools for all levels in the educational system.

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Large scope of disciplines and academic subjects.

Empower students, lecturers and instructors to benefit from a world class standard: sports coaching, performance analysis, kinesiology, biomechanics, gait analysis, physical education, physical therapy.

Large scope of disciplines and academic subjects.
Interactive learning experience

Dartfish Software.

Supports and enriches your courses or research. Whatever your specialty.

Dartfish TV.

The central place to exchange and share everyone's work. Relevant videos and analyses are stored online, easily and safely accessed.


The student solution to view courses, to practice and to exchange with the teachers.

Collaborate better.

Collaborate better.

Students' assignments are published on a shared and secured platform. Apps and desktop software seamlessly synchronize video, match analysis and statistical data.

Top-of-line solution.

Your teaching and learning video-based workflow approved by hundreds of universities and secured by 15+ years of Research & Development.

Smart workflow.

Scientific research, student assignments or lecturer presentations, find a vast array of functionalities that save you time and facilitate projects.

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