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All-in-One Solution for Live performance analysis.

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Live-and-Post Game Tagging.

Live-and-Post Soccer Game Tagging.

  • Identify key actions and tag the game using the preconfigured and easy-to-use soccer tagging panel.
  • Review and edit key actions in real-time while continuing to record.

Help your team see exactly where they need to improve.

  • Visualize instantly key actions you identified.
  • Underline what the action reveals.
  • Illustrate exactly what athletes need to improve with powerful tools like frame by frame playback, slow motion, drawings, instant replay.
  • Immediately develop a strategy to be more competitive. Use your data to improve preparation, work on weaknesses, define future game strategy and create statistics.
  • Keep the key actions that matter out of a full game.
  • Automatically get a dynamic dashboard.
Multiple sources and 4K powerful.

Get straight to the point with football-specific reports

  • Export data easily and create interactive reports for best results.
  • Filter your most important actions to share relevant playlists.

Dartfish is a solution that serves me well, increasing the analysis and the impact of my feedback for the preparation of the matches.

Christian Gourcuff

Former coach of FC Lorient, FC Rennes and the Algerian football team

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