A 3D graphic rendering solution for Sports Video Analysis.

From capture to 3D analysis, leads to more interactive sessions with your players.

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Capture, Analyze, Share at the same place.

myDartfish Pro S, is an all-in-one, powerful and cost effective solution to capture and analyze in 3D. Once the analysis is complete, simply share it with your team.

  • All-in-one integrated workflow
  • Easy and intuitive sharing

Illustrate the game with professional graphics.

Rich drawing and highlighting tools with animation

  • Straight, curved and multi-directional arrows show movement
  • Spotlight from above, light from below and use the glitter tool to grab attention
  • Provide efficient player tracking
  • Inlay background drawings

Integrate data from your third-party apps.

Your tools and software integrate seamlessly with Dartfish. Easily import into myDartfish ProS your SportsCode, Opta, InStat data, etc. to enhance your analysis.

  • +10 d’add-ins
Integrate data from your third-party apps.

Engage, entertain, and give your audience better visual insight.

myDartfish Pro S gives you the storytelling power to create the same graphics when broadcasting national games and highlight shows.

  • As seen on TV
  • Fan engagement

Recommended for Team Sports & Dual Sports

  • USTA
  • FFH
  • SIHF
  • EIOS
  • USA Fencing
  • FC Basel
  • USA Team Handball
  • United World Wrestling
  • International Judo federation

Take your team to the next level.