A Complete Live Video Solution for Motion Analysis

Immediately improve athletes' or patients' technique. Get faster and more efficient progress with video.

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Get Immediate Feedback
Get Immediate Feedback

Instantly analyze the exercise performed using the automatic video replay

  • Film using any camera type (smartphone, HD camera, IP cam, webcam, etc...)
  • Display the video on a screen for athletes to view and self-correct their own mistakes
  • Use the optional remote control to capture and replay the video easily
Practice, Analyze and Improve

Replay a video sequence to analyze the athlete's or patient's performance while continuing to record live

  • Set the perfect time delay to have the time to review the video sequence.
  • Use advanced replay tools to examine the movement in detail.
Practice, Analyze and Improve
Extend your Coaching
Extend your Coaching

Keep workout highlights for sharing, backup, or post-action analysis

  • Add drawings, annotations, or voice notes to make your assessment even more explicit.
  • Send a personalized analysis to athletes or patients after the session as a video or PDF.
  • Archive videos training sessions in your personal SmartCloud to view progress afterward.

Deliver High-Value Assessments for Motion Sports and Biomechanics

Recommended in clubs or self-coaching for

Fitness / Crossfit

Physical Education




Yoga / Pilates

Martial Arts / Boxing

Gymnastics / Acrobatics


Bike Fitting



Spring Diving


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