Handball Video Analysis Solution

Build a Winning Team with High Performance Video and Data Solutions.

Easily tag Handball matches with Dartfish softwares

Highlights What Matters

Quickly define and highlight the most important game moments, focusing only on what matters. Make strategic and tactical changes during the game to ensure your team's victory.

  • Tag, review and edit actions in real-time while continuing to record.
  • Import game videos and use unlimited KPI to tag your post-game analysis.

Build a Winning Strategy

Develop a more effective game strategy with data, statistics and automated reports.

  • Use filters to quickly locate and view the moments you need to see.
  • Deliver the match review, which, thanks to your personal playlist, is ready in just minutes post-game.
Get visual reports from your game data
Present your anylsis to your team thanks to Dartfish softwares

Make Knowledge Visible

Unlock the full potential of handball video analysis. To prepare your team for their next opponent:

  • Identify their weaknesses,
  • Illustrate exactly what athletes need to improve,
  • Create interactive reports to share with players.

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