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All-in-One Solution for Live performance analysis.

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Live-and-Post Game Tagging.

Live-and-Post Game Tagging.

  • Identify key actions during the match. Tag, review and edit them in real-time while continuing to record.

Help your team see exactly where they need to improve.

  • Visualize instantly key actions you identified.
  • Underline what the action reveals.
  • Illustrate exactly what athletes need to improve with powerful tools like frame by frame playback, slow motion, drawings, instant replay.
  • Immediately develop a strategy to be more competitive. Use your data to improve preparation, work on weaknesses, define future game strategy and create statistics.
  • Keep the key actions that matter out of a full game.
Multiple sources and 4K powerful.

Ready for Presentation.

  • Export data easily and create interactive reports for best results.
  • Share quickly with others to focus on only what is important.

Dartfish is a solution that serves me to increase the analysis and the impact of my speech for the preparation of the matches

Christian Gourcuff

Ex-Former coach of FC Lorient, FC Rennes and Algeria

Take your team to the next level.

Get straight to the point. Grab what you need from longer videos.

USD 40 / mo

Billed annually

  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
    • Instant Video Feedback
    • Game Tagging
  • Dartfish 360 S
    • Import mp4 video files
    • Import Dartfish Note Tags
    • Post Game Video Analysis
    • Video Highlights

The best video & data analysis solution in the market.

USD 165 / mo

Billed annually

  • Personal Workspace
  • Mobile app
    • Instant Video Feedback
    • Game Tagging
  • Dartfish Pro S
    • Live Multi Angle Cameras
    • 3D Drawings
    • Data stream integration
    • 3D data extraction
    • Advanced Tagging
    • Export Statistics
    • Create Reports
    • Industry standards video format support
    • Advanced Game Video Analysis
    • SimulCam™ 4K
    • StroMotion™ 4K

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