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High-performance Sports Video and Data Analysis Solution

Deliver efficient interactive evidenced-based sessions for your coaching staff and players.

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High-performance Sports Video and Data Analysis Solution

Tag up to 4 videos in Live and Replay.

  • Capture using 4 cameras in a single recording.
  • Keep the synchronization between the different cameras in the Replay work-space.
  • Tag, review and edit actions in real-time while continuing to record.

Enrich your video with 3D drawings and precise measurements.

  • Draw animated shapes and multi-directional arrows to show movement.
  • Track trajectory, calculate player speed and distance.
  • Extract precise measurements and data from your 3D analysis - position, speed, acceleration, distance and more.

Produce videos like TV broadcasters.

  • Compare performances between athletes with SimulCam™.
  • Breakdown and analyze the key positions of a movement with StroMotion™.

Integrate data from your third-party apps.

  • Easily import into myDartfish ProS your SportsCode, Opta, InStat data, etc. to enhance your analysis.
  • Merge external data streams with your videos and visually explain the performance of your athletes.
Integrate data from your third-party apps.

Engage, entertain, and give your audience better visual insight.

  • As seen on TV.
  • Fan engagement.

Recommended for Team Sports & Dual Sports

  • USTA
  • FFH
  • SIHF
  • EIOS
  • USA Fencing
  • FC Basel
  • USA Team Handball
  • United World Wrestling
  • International Judo federation

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